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Wearable LED Wristband

This 6th article in the series of “Do It Yourself: Electronics”, walks you through creating a wearable wristband with LEDs.

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Campus was abuzz with the planning of the upcoming cultural fest “Spring Spree”. Various clubs have swung into full action, each one to showcase their mettle. LED Displays being placed at various strategic locations. Multi-cuisine food arrangements by the taste experts. Multiple stages being set up for events ranging from technical quizzes, games, dance shows, … to musical night. Various student teams assisted by some faculty members, all set for the event launch tomorrow.

And comes the electronics man Surya showing off an LED wrist band, to help his team members.

“Wow!”, exclaims members of his team. “Where did you get it from?”, asks Sanjana.

“From my electronics hut”, replied Surya.

“Which hut?”

“My electronics hut, yaar.”

“Don’t tell me, you made it.”

“Ya. I did. What’s so great about it?”

“Then, make me one as well. It would be a cool show-off in the fest.”

“Hey! We also want it”, exclaimed the other team members.

“C’mon guys! Why don’t you make it yourself?”, replied back Surya.

“Okay! Then tell us how to make it. What do you guys say?”, asserted Sanjana.

“Ya sure! Then tell us how to make it”, supported the other team members.

“But yes, you’d have to give us the material to make it”, boasted Sanjana.

“Okay, but only the electronics stuff”, replied Surya.

“What other things do we need?”, asked Sanjana.

“Mainly the piece of cloth, a needle and thread to sew it.”

“That’s fine. In fact, we guys can get cloth of our own colour & design.”

“Ya! Ya!” was the chorus.

“Then, go get the stuff, and I’ll get the electronics stuff. We’ll meet here itself in half an hour.”

Surya does the counting, which comes to 8, and goes to his hut.

Half an hour later, they all meet at the same place, with the material.

“Hi Surya, can we also join you?”, asked two more of his team members.

“Perfect – 10 now. I have got some extra stuff, and you may take some cloth from others.”

Show-off by Surya:

With that, everyone was showing-off their own wearable LED wrist band.

“Wow! That would stand out as a cool identity for our team”, commented Sanjana.

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